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Is being over 35 the best time to have a baby?

New statistics have revealed that more babies are being born to women aged over 35 than under 25. Credit: Alamy

The headlines of history are written by wars and men, but the seismic shifts are often to be found in the small print. Official statistics quietly revealed this week that, for the first time, more babies are being born to women aged 35 and over than to women under 25. …

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Detroit Electric SP:01 vapourware no more

Credit: Detroit Electric)

In a small factory in the UK — yes, the UK — a Lotus-based electric sports car with an American name has defied the naysayers and become a reality. The Detroit Electric SP-01 is one of those cars that motoring writers seemed to denounce as vapourware almost as soon as …

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Supermodel Nina Agdal Has A Surprising Hidden Talent

Nina Agdal

The Danish supermodel’s favorite sport isn’t what you would expect. Not all supermodel workouts take place in Tulum. For Sports Illustrated cover star (and face of Tinder’s ‘Super Like’ feature) Nina Agdal, a mix of boutique fitness classes such as Barry’s Bootcamp, SLT, and ChaiseFitness keep her cover-ready, but Agdal …

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Tyga’s Latest Music Video “Dope’d Up”


Major “Thriller” vibes just in time for Halloween. After admitting she’d been eyeing an acting career back in September, Kylie Jenner just landed her first major part—and it’s so holiday-appropriate. In the spirit of Halloween, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan transforms herself from scared girlfriend to bloodthirsty zombie in …

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The animal that doesn’t get cancer

The naked mole rat offers hope for future cancer treatments (Credit: Alamy)

Many animals get cancer just like humans do, but there are a few mysterious species that rarely develop it Cancer is rife in the animal kingdom. For many, the mortality rate is similar to that suffered by humans. The dogs and cats we share our homes with can get various …

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Jessica Biel on the Magic of Vaginas


The actress hosts a mini sex ed seminar on Reddit. Since launching her sex education series with WomanCare Global last month, Jessica Biel has taken her instructor role very seriously.”Vaginas are magical things,” she told Reddit AMA participants during a Q&A last night. “I like that [as a takeaway], or …

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