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Tyga’s Latest Music Video “Dope’d Up”

Major “Thriller” vibes just in time for Halloween.
After admitting she’d been eyeing an acting career back in September, Kylie Jenner just landed her first major part—and it’s so holiday-appropriate. In the spirit of Halloween, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan transforms herself from scared girlfriend to bloodthirsty zombie in her boyfriend Tyga’s latest music video for “Dope’d Up.” All in a matter of five very “Thriller”-inspired minutes.

Consider us impressed. Not only because Jenner has finally fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress (we see a future recurring role on The Walking Dead happening), but also because she sacrificed her perfect contour and signature pout all in the name of art.

Now if that’s not commitment, we don’t know what is.​

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