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Detroit Electric SP:01 vapourware no more

Credit: Detroit Electric)

In a small factory in the UK — yes, the UK — a Lotus-based electric sports car with an American name has defied the naysayers and become a reality. The Detroit Electric SP-01 is one of those cars that motoring writers seemed to denounce as vapourware almost as soon as …

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Tesla, Consumer Reports and the art of doing your research

Forums are helpful but can also make small problems appear more widespread than they actually are. Josh Miller/CNET

Consumer Reports rescinding its Model S recommendation should remind everybody that sticking with one website’s opinions is not doing your due diligence. On October 20, Consumer Reports pulled its recommendation of Tesla’s all-electric Model S sedan, citing new information regarding the vehicles’ reliability. If anybody bought a Model S after …

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2016 Toyota Mirai first drive

Because it's powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell stack, the Mirai emits only water from the tailpipe

Toyota’s Mirai is the second mass-production hydrogen fuel-cell-powered car in the UK. It’s the future now, but what will it be like to own? Went to Hamburg last week. No sign of any hamburgers (shortchanged on frankfurters in Frankfurt too last month, come to think of it), but it’s where …

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VW scandal threatens ‘Made in Germany’ brand

Cars and the environment – two things that Germany cares so deeply about that they form part of the national character. So Germans are shocked to discover that for years the country’s mightiest car manufacturer Volkswagen has been rigging environmental tests for diesel emissions in the US. It’s as if …

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