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Construction Giant Skanska Using Cloud As Foundation For Growth

Skanska employees review a future project using 3-D building information modeling. (Source: Skanska)

Even though digital pioneers aren’t pounding on construction companies like they are in other industries, Swedish building giant Skanska knows it must go high tech in a big way—adopting smart sensors, cloud-based data analytics, green building design, robotics, and the like. “We’re really on the brink of doing what other …

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The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Is Just Around the Corner

Since we announced the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller at E3 2015 last June, we’ve gotten a ton of overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. In fact, there’s so much buzz and demand around the upcoming controller, that we’re expecting the availability to be pretty tight this holiday season. It hits shelves …

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Johns Hopkins joins forces with Microsoft to improve critical care

Intensive-care medicine has become the art of managing extreme complexity. To save one life, scores of medical professionals have to carry out thousands of steps correctly. In the ICU, there’s little room for error or improvisation. One misstep could create serious problems like blood clots, distressed breathing, infection or worse. …

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Google Nexus 5X lands in US, UK and other key markets

Will Google's new Nexus 5 offer the right features and price to woo buyers? Google

The new Nexus device carries on the tradition as a budget-friendly phone without the frills and features often added by Android device makers. The Nexus 5X smartphone, one of two new beacons for those who want a “pure Android” device, became available Monday. Made by LG for Google, the Nexus …

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Asus mulls HoloLens augmented reality glasses of its own

Microsoft will release a developer edition of its HoloLens augmented reality glasses for $3,000. CNET

The PC maker’s CEO is talking with Microsoft about becoming the first outside company to build a version of Microsoft’s glasses that overlay digital images on the real world. SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft may not be the only game in town when it comes to HoloLens augmented reality glasses. Asus, …

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