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Aloha to the US: Is Hawai’i an occupied nation?

Hawai'i's King Kamehameha I with snow-capped Mauna Kea in the distance /AP

An upcoming election has highlighted the deep disagreement between native Hawaiians over what the future should look like. For some, it’s formal recognition of their community and a changed relationship within the US. Others want to leave the US entirely – or more accurately, want the US to leave Hawai’i. …

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Toward a Twenty-first-Century Digital Government

Recognizing that too many government websites and mobile services aren’t working as they should, take too long to develop, or are delivered over budget, last year the White House launched the U.S. Digital Service as a way to improve digital government. As part of its work, the U.S. Digital Service …

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Obama urges Congress to get moving on spending bills

AP Photo

President Barack Obama on Friday urged Congress to use the momentum of its sweeping two-year budget deal to get moving on spending bills that can give the economy a needed jolt and warned against getting distracted by partisan motivations. “This agreement is a reminder that Washington can still choose to …

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Clinton allies shout ‘sexism’ at Sanders


The once respectful Democratic primary has devolved into a slugfest about gender, with Hillary Clinton surrogates expressing outrage over how Bernie Sanders is conducting his campaign – even calling for him to fire his staff over alleged sexist remarks. The ugly dispute has knocked Sanders back on his heels, and …

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US Republicans spar in fiery 2016 presidential debate

Ten candidates took the stage /Reuters

US Republicans have traded blows in a heated presidential debate in Colorado that featured several angry exchanges. Frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson, with no political experience, were under attack from the start. Ohio Governor John Kasich condemned their “fantasy tax plans” and added: “We can’t elect someone who doesn’t …

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Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake leaves hundreds dead

These buildings in Afghanistan's Badakshan province, near the epicentre, were damaged /EPA

More than 200 people have died, mostly in Pakistan, after a magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit north-eastern Afghanistan. Tremors from the quake were also felt in northern India and Tajikistan. At least 12 of the victims were Afghan schoolgirls killed in a crush as they tried to get out of their building. …

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Syria crisis: US attacks Moscow welcome for Assad

Millions of Syrians have fled abroad to escape the fighting /Reuters

The White House has strongly condemned a visit to Moscow by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A spokesman criticised Russia for putting on a “red carpet welcome”. The Syrian leader’s trip on Tuesday came three weeks after Russia began air strikes in Syria against Islamic State militants and other forces. It …

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Joe Biden rules out White House 2016 run

Jacquelyn Martin

US Vice-President Joe Biden has announced he will not run for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 White House race. Mr Biden said his family was ready after the death of his son earlier this year, but he had now run out of time. He said it would be a …

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US troops to stay in Afghanistan in policy shift

President Barack Obama has confirmed plans to extend the US military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2016, in a shift in policy. Speaking at the White House, he said the US would keep 5,500 troops in the country when he leaves office in 2017. Originally all but a small embassy-based force …

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