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The dress of your dreams brought to you by Skype

It’s the most important decision of the most important day, of any woman’s life.

That once in a lifetime moment that simply has to be 100% perfect.

Third & Loom will make all your wedding day dreams come true — in fact, whatever the occasion, they’ll help to create a designer dress online, via the magic of Skype. From the overall selection of material, embroidery, embellishments and fastenings, to the final sewing and delivery — it’s all done through virtual collaboration.


Brenna Lyden, Chief Executive Officer, explains how easy it is to communicate the intricacies of the creative dress making process with the customer:

“Skype helps us to communicate visually about changes, details and ideas that we may have about a dress and makes sure we get it right. Whether someone is ordering Third & Loom for a bridal gown, red carpet event, gala or our ready to wear, we are obsessive about our customers and executing the highest possible quality and service. Without Skype, I don’t know how we could do it.”

Sometimes a customer will fall in love with the top half of one dress, and the bottom half of another. This is where a salesperson will upload a picture of each dress onto Third & Loom’s online platform, making notes of the changes she would like to have made.


“We also ask for a picture of the bride and the hairstyle she’ll be wearing on her wedding day. We would respond with a rough sketch of the dress, a price quote and make any changes the bride would like — the dress then is made in 3-8 weeks, depending on if it’s a rush or not.”

A bride’s dress dreams can be inspired by anything, usually an image on Pinterest. Easily uploaded, these pictures help tailor make the perfect dress with final production taking place at Third & Loom’s studios in Vietnam. And even this process uses Skype, as Brenna explains:

“On a daily basis, the leads report via Skype starting at 9am in Vietnam when the factory opens. They let us know the attendance, who’s late etc. We have a standing meeting at 10am every day and all issues with the factory are communicated via Skype. We treat various group chats on Skype as though they are open conference rooms. Anyone can jump on and report if there’s any issues.”

It’s almost a virtual office where everyone’s computer speakers are left on at full volume, so if someone wants to communicate, they can be heard.


The same type of process is carried out with a 12-person front-end development team in the Ukraine, and with a 5-person back-end development team in Argentina.

Being a visually important choice for any woman to consider, choosing a dress over Skype allows customers to make aesthetic decisions on the end result, much more conveniently than having to visit the boutique — even sizing for the dress will become easier by eventually using Kinect technology that uses body heat to take measurements, with zero human error.


“With us being in such a creative industry, everything is so visual. Skype helps communicate our designs in the most transparent way to our clients. Eventually, we hope Skype Translator will come out with Vietnamese, so our clients can talk in real time, one on one with their designer — without there being a language barrier.”

In fact, Skype video calling manages to overcome any communication problems when it comes to the finer details of the design:

“Visual communication transcends all languages and the exchange of images and pictures helps us make the brides vision come to life in the most high fashion way.”

It’s an entirely different way of buying your next dream dress. Whether for the red carpet, a special gathering or even for your wedding — Third & Loom enables the customer, to also become the designer — thanks to Skype. See how Third & Loom’s fashion revolution takes shape in their short film.

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Pictures courtesy of Third and Loom

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